What Is The Best Secateurs: “Garden Secateurs” review

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One tool that comes in very handy in any garden and is an important impliment to have in the shed, is the secateurs. Ideal for tip pruning bushes, deheading flowers and cutting back roses, this tool is extremely useful and can make life a lot easier for every gardener.

The humble secateur comes in many shapes sizes and prices. It probably is the tool with the widest product range on the market when it comes to gardening.

I don’t intend to go over the different varities of this type of impliment in this blog, instead I will be simply looking at five of the best products available for you to purchase.

If you want to know more about secateurs, you can find a blog where I describe some different styles by either looking at the category boxes on the right of this website or by clicking here.

In the meantime I hope you get some value from my “Garden Secateurs” review.

1) Garden Elite

Razor sharp bypass pruning shears.

This is an excellent quality product that is great for tip pruning and keeping your rose bushes trimmed.


1). Very Sharp

2). Ergonomic handles makes for ease of use if you’re suffering from arthritis.

3). Comes with an extra blade and spring

4). Free ebook included.

5). Premium high quality shears that will cut through most 1 inch (25mm) wood easily.


1). Trigger mechanism can make them hard to open.

2). A bit pricey



I would have rated these higher as they are an excellent quality tool but I had a lot of issues with the pair I and at times found the opening mechanism a bit difficullt to deal with. I suffer from arthritis and even though the handles were extremely comfortable my hands would hurt from the effort of opening them up. However, if young have good strong hands this shouldn’t be a problem.


Close to $38 at most stores.

==>If you would like to have a look at these pruners, click here<==

2). Fiskers

Powergear pruner model 7936

Another great secateur, and one that I currently own and have been using for many years. I have owned several Fiskar models over the years and have done a lot of work with the during my gardening career. Some people don’t like these shear but I think they’re great, I have never had an issue with them.


1). Come with a lifetime warrenty.

2). Ergonomic handles for ease of use.

3). Cutting through branches up to 3/4 inch (2mm) is easy with the rotating bottom handle.

4). High quality Metal.

5). Will handle a diversity of jobs easily.


1). If you are left handed you will have issues using this tool as it rotaes right on the bottom handle.

2). Some people complain that the tool needed sharpening after a year of use. I listed this under a con, but tell me what tool doesn’t need constant sharpening.

3). It has been reported that some customers have been receiving the new Fiskars model ‘powergear 2’ when ordering the above. The new one is cheaper in every way including price


If you receive the correct model then I would give it a 9/10.

If you received the new model ‘powergear 2’ I would sent it back for a refund. Rating 4/10

I absolutely love my original model 7036, it is a beautifully made pisce of equipment. I hope it lasts me through my gardening lifetime because I won’t putchase the new model. I don’t understand why a company would bring out a nwer cheaper brand. When you’re on a good thing… stick to it.


Original Model. Around $28

New Model.      Around $18

==>If you would like a look at this pruner, click here<==

3). Felco

F-2 Classic manual hand pruner.

This is another fantastic ptuner, and one that I have in my armory. This a light weight long lasting product. I have had mine for many years. Once every year I take it apart and give it a good clean upand sharpening. You’re probably wondering by now, just how many does he own.

Well, you must remember that I have been doing gardening for a living for many years. I also have had various staff members over those years. I don’t believe in bring stingy on money as these tools go through a lot of wear and tear and need to be able to handle being throen around, often lost for days and left out in the weather. This one handles all that with ease.


1). A long lasting Tool.

2). Easy to use.

3). Light weight.

4). Blades are veru sharp when new.

5). Ideal for a larger hands.


1). Not for people with smaller hands. However Felco do make one for this situation. The F6.

2). Not really much else I can say on the negative side escept they are expensive.





This is definitely my favotite tool for quality. I wouldn’t go without one. I realise the price is a bit steep. If you want to stick to ones that cost less then $15 fine, however you will be purchasing around six of those for every one of these.

==>Do You want to have a look at this Tool, then click here<==


4). Gonicc:

8″ professional premium bypass pruning shears GPPS- 1003.

I’ve never actually owned a pait of Gonic secateurs, however I do have gardening friends that have. Therefore my review on rhis brand is based on their opinions along with thousands of others that I researched on line.


1). Comfortable ergonomic handles.

2). Incredibly sharp

3). Good quality.

4). Very reasonable for the quality of the tool

5). Good for both men and women to use.


1). The retaining screwa that hold the lock socket together have been known to strip out.

2). Its one of those annoying types that have the spring constantly pop out.

3). Won’t cut anything more then 3/8 ths thick.


Around $18



Having never used these myself I had to go on what others tell em. If you’re after a cheaper but reasonable pruner, this mught be the one for you. Unfortunately it has some bad habits that professional gardeners hate. With springs popping out and screw coming lose, it’s not an ideal unit for lots of har work. For this reason I was unable to give it a high score.

==>You can view this tool by clicking here<==

5). Blue Ape:

2 in 1 Rachet hand pruners 3 stage action.

What a strange brand name for a gardeing tool. This is yet another one that I have never owned but a neighbour of mine swears by it so I decided to check out a number of reviews on line.


1). Sturdy and can cut branches to 3/4 inch thickness.

2). Ratchet feature great for those suffering from arthritis.

3). Well made and can last many years.

4). Ideal for smaller pruning jobs.

5) Well priced for the quality of the tool.


1). The ratchrting part can wear with time and become difficult to use.

2). Some people find the handle a bit large.

3). Can be difficult to lock and unlock.


Around $23.



Again I couldn’t go any higher with my rating of this product, regardless of the fact my neighbour owns one and loves it. To many people have had issues with the size of the handles. Overall its a good tool and if your hands are big. I’d buy it.

==> Simply click here to view this tool<==

So there you are:

I picked out the top five for several reasons, the majot ones being that either I or someone I knew had used them. In the end I personally believe you are better off paying a bit extra to receive both quality and comfort. I hope you are able tto make a choice from the above. If not, there are many more to choose from, simply click on one of the links I’ve supplied and check them out.

If you have any questions about these or other gardening secateurs that you might want me to review , please feel free to either comment below or use the comment form in the “Contact Us” page above.

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Happy Gardening. Jim





Jim Kulk


  1. Nice advice and recommendations here, Thanks Jim:)

    I have always been a bit of a scrouge when it comes to buy these kinda tools in my past years, and I have to ask your opinion and experience as to what the lifespan is of spending extra on a high quality set of secateurs. Also I’m interested to know if you bother to sharpen them some how?

    Cheers Rob

    • Hi Rob. A good quality tool will last you many years. I’ve had my Felco secateurs for a approximately ten years now. Every year in winter I take them apart and clean them. I also sharpen them as this keep the cut on any plant nice and clean and helps you to avoid spreading and disease. Happy Gardening. Jim

  2. I have a big garden and I really never pay attention that I should improve my garden equipment. I like this review because I can see and choose the best ones because I will for sure buy one for me and my dad who enjoy to work in garden. Garden Lite is definitely my choice primarily because of such nice design.

    • Hi Daniel. I’m glad you liked my review. Did you follow the link and check out the Garden Lite tool? Happy Gardening. Jim

  3. Glad I found this–I do need to get some secateurs by next spring! It actually might be helpful now to prune up my dying flowers. I have a recovering black thumb, but I desire to really improve with my gardening skills, so I’ll be saving your website! Do you have any info about indoor gardening? I’m becoming more and more interested because I live in MN, which means our growing seasons aren’t as long as some, and trying to get produce in the winter is expensive and not anywhere near as tasty and fresh. I’d love to invest in some sort of set up (within reason!) that could allow me to grow my own veggies year round. Like hydraulics or something (is that what it’s called? Hydro-gardening? I’m not remembering). What are your thoughts on that?

    • Hi Holly. Hydroponic gardening is becoming very popular today. Particularly for people that don’t have a lot of room. You can either purchase basic kits or build your own. I will be discussing just how to build your own system in a future blog. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of information on indoor gardening. I do however have blog on container gardening that might interest you. You will find it in the category section on the right side of my website. Happy gardening. Jim

  4. Hi Jim, i really like this post, you have presented a number of different secateurs for the customer to check out with research on each. I like to buy the piece i can most afford, as i have found the cheapies just don’t cut it, so to speak.

    I have had Felcos over the years and found these to be reliable and durable. Definitely not the cheapest but i have gotten many years good use from mine. Thanks for your review i thoroughly enjoyed it, all the best.


  5. This is a wonderful product guide which gives important detail information on different tools. I’m not a farmer but my dad is. He has different tools for different farm jobs so am not new to such tools.

    When I was growing up, we used to work on the farm and I have noticed one tool you have highlighted here which we commonly used. I even didn’t know it’s English name, I only knew it in vernacular. From your review it’s “Felco,” and we used this tool for many years till I left home to work in the city.

    It seems to me that this tool as you said in the Pros that it’s truly very durable and handy when it comes to performance. I also noticed another tool you have talked about ‘Fiskers’ which looks similar to Felco and I think my father would love it as a gift. I wonder if you think this is a good choice or not?

    • I don’t think you can go wrong with either of those secateur brands. I think the Felco one might be the best brand now as the new Fiskers tool has had both a price and quality drop. Happy Gardening. Jim

  6. Although I’m too much of a gardening man myself, and this is probably the most I’ve read up about such tools as these, you kinda had me a bit captivated with how interesting and detailed they could be, as well as your experience with these tools and variety you had available to showcase.  I honestly admire people who can go out on a multitude of occasions and do work with their hands, no matter how little, like gardeners. I can appreciate this post!

  7. Hey Jim,

    Thansk for this helpful guide and informative secateurs reviews, it came just in time as I am looking to upgrade and improve my garden equipment. I truly appreciate these short and detailed reviews about each item, great job! 

    So far the Garden Elite and Blue Ape caught most of my attention due to great build quality, high longevity and the design of these two is very visually appealing I won’t lie! However, I am a bit worried about Blue Ape’s ratchrting part wearing out and becoming difficult to use, should I be concerned about it and how long approximately would it take it to wear out? 

    Keep up the good wrok Jim 😉

    • Hi Evald. If you can afford a bit more money I would recommend either the Felco or Fiskars brand. The Blue Ape is a good secateurs brand but can have issues with the ratchet wearing out over time. Jim

  8. Hello Jim, thank you for the review , it contains much info about Secateurs which are needed for our gardens.

    Among those secateurs i like this Felco even though the price is a bit high but it seems to last long

    I will recommend it to my husband as he is the one in charge of garden of our home. Thank you

  9. My aunt is an avid gardener and I have been looking for ideas for a gift for her. I think a secateur would be perfect! 

    The ergonomic handles of both the Gonicc and the Fiskers make them good choices for me as she suffers from mild arthritis. Which of the two would you recommend more? Thanks in advance 🙂 

    • Hi AnxietyPanda. Personally I prefer the Fiskers brand. I have two Fiskers models in my tool box at the moment. If kept clean and sharpened once a year, they will last you a lifetime. Jim

  10. There is no doubt in my mind that in this category you get what you pay for.  Im guilty of buying the 6.99 ones only to fall into a temper tantrum about 20 minutes into pruning.  You have reviewed some awesome looking shears.  I love the feeling of a sharp shear going through a thick branch like a hot knife through butter.  I will also be taking your advice on maintenance by taking them apart and cleaning and sharpening.  Thank you for all the hard work on this article

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