Green thumb gardening Tools

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Green Thumb Gardening Tools

I have spent many years finding out the hard way what gardening tool would help me make my jobGreen Thumb easier. Gardening can be very fulfilling and pleasurable, but it can also be made difficult if you don’t have the correct tool for the job.

In this article I hope to open your eyes to exactly what you will need to make your experience in the garden a successful and enjoyable one.

Jumping in to quick

To often we decide to undertake gardening with great zest and jump into the job totally unprepared. Do we ever stop and ask ourselves do we have the tools we need to complete this monumental task?

An easy job can be made far more difficult if we lack the correct tools for the job.

Sometimes we think we have the correct tools only to discover that they simple aren’t good enough. They may be either to weak to be efficient at completing the job you need them for or, they are simply the wrong gardening tool totally.

Preparation is the key word to success in developing a new garden. Not only do you need to make sure you have adequate tools for the job at hand, but you need to plan exactly how you hope to construct your garden.

Landscaping design, soil types and plant requirements are all important factor. However, for this post we will sticking to looking at basic gardening tools.

Best Tools for the Job

So how do you know what the best gardening tool for the job is? There are plenty of posts and books available on gardening techniques. What to plant. How to design. Where can I locate the best landscaping materials.

But very few people construct information on what gardening tools to use, or for that matter on what a particular garden tool is used for.

In fact if you’re a novice to gardening than some tool names alone can be mind boggling. Trying to figure out how you use that tool, if you really need it or why you need it can be difficult.

Spades , Shovels or both

So, rather than bombard you with thousands of different tool types, Let’s just look at the basic ones first.Spades gardening tools Do you need a shovel or a spade or both? I would suggest both.

But it’s not as simple as you think. A shovel and spade should be easy enough, shouldn’t it?

Not really, because there are literally dozens of different kinds of these particular gardening tools.

So Let’s take a look at some of these shovel types.

Round point shovels are used for digging into soils using a cutting method. Square shovels are used for lifting and moving materials.

Trenching shovels, as the name implies are used for digging trenches. Drain shovels for digging drains. Scoop shovels are wide shovels often used for moving mulch or lifting other materials. This is only part of the shovel list. There are many more.

Do you need them all. Perhaps if you’ve decided on a career in landscaping but otherwise probably not. Spades also come in a myriad of sizes, types and shapes. I’d suggest that for the beginner gardener it’s better, and less costly, to stick to the basics.

The shovels and spades I’d purchase as a beginner would be a border or garden spade and square point spade. These tools should be able to complete most garden tasks.

But it doesn’t end there. I can think of many, many, more tools that you will find in the sheds of some experienced gardeners. However, for now, I think it’s better to construct a typical list that can be useful to the novice gardener.

Other Garden Tools

There are a number of other garden tools that a first time gardener should have in their Armour. Some Secateurs gardening toolsof these include secateurs, pruners, metal rake, leaf rake, garden saw, mattock (preferably one with a pick head as this will than have dual purposes) and of course a decent, strong wheelbarrow. Chalk paint to mark out your garden design is also a commonly forgotten requirement.

All of these gardening tools come in many shapes, sizes and usages. When wanting to purchase these it’s simpler to stick with the basic models first. Ones that are easy to use and clean. If in doubt, always ask questions.

There are three different kinds of secateurs available,  they are the Anvil, Bypass and Parrot Beak . Anvil secateurs have an upper blade which pushes down onto a flat lower ‘anvil’. Parrot Beak secateurs have two blades which cut by meeting together in the middle and looks like a parrot’s beak.

The Bypass secateurs work by having two blades which bypass each other in a similar way to scissors. The new gardener should initially stick to purchasing and using Bypass secateurs.

The huge range of other gardening tools available can be overwhelming for anyone, let alone the beginner. Other equipment you will require as your garden develops include lawn mowers, whipper snipers, hedgers, blowers and many more.

Green Thumb Gardening Tools: In Conclusion

So it might all seem far too much, and far to expensive at first glance. But if you’re a beginner gardener than I would stick to the basic tools such as a shovel, spade, metal rake, wheelbarrow, garden saw, pick and secateurs to begin with. You can always grow your tool list as your garden grows.

Obviously once you have developed a lawn, if your particular garden has one, you will need to purchase a lawn mower. But don’t be overwhelmed by the huge diversity of garden tools available.

Simply stick to the basics to begin with and always ask questions when in doubt. Always remember that family and friends can lend you some tools for you to start with.

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Jim Kulk


  1. These are great suggestions for helping out in the beginning. So many people waste so much money buying plants that look pretty but have no idea on how to look after them or the care they require. You offer some great ideas for the beginner, and hopefully if followed, will result in a garden space they are happy with.

  2. Hi, Jim. Glad to see you have more than one place to leave a comment. I liked your site…one that provides info lots of us can use. You have chosen a good niche, as there is always something for gardeners to learn. Nice job — keep up the good work!

  3. I love to garden. I like this post. Thank you for the information.

  4. Choosing the right gardening tool is essential if you want to keep your garden looking nice. Having a decent fork, spade and rake are 3 of the most used tools, so quality is very essential.

  5. Hi Jim, good information on basic gardening tools. I plan on starting a garden in the near future, and this information will definitely come in handy. I will bookmark this page, and come back to it. Don’t be surprised, since I know you are a gardener, that I don’t ask you some gardening questions down the road. Thanks for sharing this. Tom

  6. Yep, I agree! Many books tell you how you should design but they absolutely missed out what tools we are going to use! To express this in my own words, it’s just like telling you how you should put your makeup on but without telling you what brushes you are going to use. Absolutely no point!

    Thanks for sharing this info! My husband always feel like I know nothing when it comes to gardening. Now I can be to one to teach him haha!

  7. I am into gardening and landscaping and what I believe is that everyone who gets into this line of work needs to have good quality garden tools that can get the job done. It is not always good to go for cheap but rather for quality even though you may have to dig a little deeper. I believe that when it comes to garden tools we should always go for the top of the line garden tools.

    • Hi Norman. I agree. good quality tools not only do the job better, they can last a lifetime. Jim

  8. Hey Jim, once again solid advice! I’ve used to buy those cheap gardening materials only to be left frustrated because they broke down constantly.

    Several years ago, I started buying quality material, and as of today no issues at all! Granted, it costs a bit more, but in the end it is so worth it. Especially if you do a lot of gardening.

  9. It is very easy to rush into something thinking you know best but thankfully this guide simplifies what you need to start of with.

    like anything you start with the basics and work upgrade and add to your inventory as you become more skilled st what ever your hobby is.

    I think you have made sensible suggestions here and straight forward decisions on what is best to start with.

    How much would a good price be to buy what you have suggested?

  10. Thank you for the well written article. You have a great logo and name!

    I was unaware of the difference between square shovels and round shovels and happy that I now know the difference. 🙂

    There sure are a lot of gardening tools available. I do know that the quality of gardening tools varies widely.

    What brand would you recommend that sells mid range, but good value gardening tools?

    Going to take a look at your vegetable garden article next. Keep up with the great posts!

    – Jay S.

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