Best Cordless Line Trimmers For 2019.

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Best Cordless Line Trimmers For 2019.

I have been using both line trimmers and brush cutters for many years now, both professionally and for my own property. It’s important to firstly distinguish the difference between the two

Brush cutters:-

These are similar to line trimmers but usually far more powerful and heavier. They can be used for trimming edges, cutting down long grass, or even clearing small shrubs and large weeds.

For the heavier jobs you can usually add a blade. These blades come in different styles and sizes, depending on the job you wish to use them for.

I have lost count of the amount of acres I have actually cleared with these fantastic machines, particularly in my younger days.

I wouldn’t recommend that you use these for anything less then say an acre of land. They can be very heavy and therefore tiring to use.

Line Trimmers:-

Line Trimmers are fantastic for any property under an acre and where it’s primary job is to brush cut the edges of gardens, garden paths and driveways.

These machines can also come with blade attachments, however, if all you want to do is cut grass then I wouldn’t recommend you ever use the blades. Some of the smaller machines will wear out a lot quicker if used for heavier work that is more suited to a brush cutter.

Line trimmers come in various sizes, and power, and it’s really up to the individual to check out what they’re about to purchase and make sure they will be able to handle using them comfortably.

They also come in either  straight shaft or bent shaft models. 

Personally I prefer the straight shaft varieties. I have found after many years of operating both models that the straight shaft is easier to use and lasts longer.

Which Brings Me to My Review:

I have selected five different models that I consider to be some of the best on the market. Now, others might disagree with me because it doesn’t really matter which brand you purchase there always seems to be a lemon thrown in now and then

As much as this can be annoying, in my reviews I only mention those that I have either personally used or have been highly recommended by others. If I haven’t owned a particular machine then I will diligently research it and find out from others just how good it really is.

In the end though, this is my opinion only and I have come to my conclusions because of my many years of experience in the Gardening and landscaping industry.

These Are the Line Trimmers I have selected as being the best on the Market.

1). DEWALT DCST920P1 Brushless Trimmer.

This is a cordless line trimmer with a great reputation. The 20V Liion batteries coupled with the brushless technology make this particular model a pleasure to use.

Below are some of the specifications as supplied by the manufacturer:

  • Brushless Motor maximizing motor efficiency and durability
  • Dual 0.080″ line with bump feed, with 13-inch cutting swath
  • Variable trigger with speed control
  • Patented gear drive design. Rpm: 0-4,600 / 0-6,000 rpm
  • Includes 20V MAX 5.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery, along with charger.

Dewalt have always had an excellent reputation for building strong durable products. I purchased one of these models for my home use about 6 months ago. Admittedly it hasn’t received a lot of use yet, but I haven’t had any issues. It has managed to take care of my 1 acre property fairly easy.

The machine isn’t to heavy, which is fantastic when you’re getting older. I was worried at first about the 20V battery. You know how we usually believe bigger is better. Well I was pleasantly surprised, this line trimmer performed its required duties with ease.

However, because my experience with using this model is limited I decided to research the opinions of others, this is what I found.


a). The machine is light weight and easy to use.

b).The 5AH battery gives you ample time to trim an average lawn.

c). The line feeder works well.

d). A lot cheaper then the Gas versions.

e). No more having to pay for constant repairs as with gas trimmers.

f). Eats long grass easily.



a). There are several variants of this line trimmer available. This needs to be better explained before purchase.

b). The line trimmer head sits on the motor and can be a little bulky at times in difficult areas.

c). The warranty on the motor is only for 1 year.

d). The cutting guard is somewhat on the small size, so you will need to wear a screen guard if you don’t want to be hit by flying obstacles.

Just one final word on this model. Some people mentioned about the narrow cutting guard. I would recommend that you always wear a screen guard when using any line trimmer or brush cutter. Believe me, having a stone hit you in the teeth isn’t a pleasant experience.

Rating: 8 out of 10

2).  Greenworks 14-Inch 40V Brushless String Trimmer

Here we have another cordless line trimmer that is liked by many people. I haven’t personally used this model so I have had to rely on the reviews of others and that of a family member who does have one.

The Following is the specifications as supplied by the manufacturer.

  • Up to 45 minutes run-time with included 3Ah USB Battery
  • Brushless motor provides more torque, quiet operation, and longer life
  • 14″ Cutting swath/ dual line . 080″/ bump feed head for quick and easy line advancement
  • Cushioned overmold grip with variable speed trigger
  • Usb port in battery charges all portable electronic devices, including phones and tablets

Green Works is another popular brand  that produces many products such as mowers, brush cutters, line trimmers, hedgers and other machines. They are becoming more and more popular with consumers today.


a). Just as much power as a Gas lawn trimmer.

b). Powerful battery that can handle most yards up to one acre.

c). Solidly built an easy to handle.

d). Very light .

e). Fantastic line feed


a). Some people have complained about the warranty time. One person recommended buying the extended warranty.

b). Another machine with a small, fairly weak cover. 

c). Make sure you are getting the trimmer pictured.

As is the case with any piece of equipment you purchase online you must make sure you receive the tool that was shown in the picture, if not I would get onto the sellers quickly.

One person complained about the length of time the battery lasted. Apparently it went dead after 45 minutes. In my opinion, if you can get 45 minutes from a trimmer battery you are doing great. I have trimmed a lot of lawns in my life and very few took more then 45 minutes to complete.

Rating 7 out of 10 

3).  String TrimmCRAFTSMAN V60 WEEDWACKERer & Edger (CMCST960E1)

The Craftsman mentioned above is another trimmer I have very little experience with. I have used it once at a friends place just to see how it went. He swears by it, as do quite a number of other reviewers.

Here are the manufacturers specifications.

  • Part of the V60 cordless system
  • Part of the versa-track wall organization system
  • Brushless motor – with high performance 60V 2.5Ah Battery pack for long runtime
  • Two speed variable switch – for higher power or longer runtime
  • Quick wind Spool system – for ease of line replacement bump feed system – 15″ Cutting swath and dual 0.080″ Twist line – also accepts 0.095″
  • Ergonomic Telescoping Pole & Adjustable Handle – For better comfort and control

In my limited experience with this machine I found it light, easy to use, not hard on the back and simple to put together.


a). Easy to assemble

b). Lightweight and easy to use, great balance

c). A fantastic Weed Wacker with loads of power coming from the 60V motor.

d). Long life battery.

e). Fantastic variable speeds.


a). Apparently sometimes the feed head can have some issues. The head can need replacing after one summer. Craftsman are working o fixing this issue.

b). With one person the spindle fell off.

c). One person received a completely different model. Make sure you receive the correct one.

When rating my review, I can’t take into account that some people receive the wrong product. I’m solely here to review the performance of the product. As I’ve stated before, if you receive the wrong item from any seller you need to chase it up.

These are just three of a whole host of cordless line trimmers available on the market. As a person who has used the gas models for many years I can tell you that I love much of the cordless products available today. They are less noisy, clean to the environment and often much simpler to start and use.

Rating:-  8 out of 10

I hope you found my Review informative.

If you like what you read, or would like me to review a different model for you, please comment in the box provided below.

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Jim Kulk


  1. Oh yes, I found it very informative this post that you have written here. This is a very good review. I understand that this is your opinion but this line trimmers are good because my mum needs one for her garden, she didn’t use a cordless plus she uses it to cut grasses too so I guess she won’t be using the blades as you have advised. We will buy the DEWALT DCST920P1 Brushless Trimmer. Looks really cool. Thanks you for sharing your expertise.

  2. Hi Jim, you’ve put together a much needed selection of individual reviews on a piece of equipment that I need knowledge about. Now that the children are all but grown up, the need to keep on top of the garden to the rear has diminished somewhat. In short, that means when I do come to give it a once-over, well, it’s a tad over grown. I normally go laden with a long extension lead and have, in the past, had to use longer cables on the tools themselves. Our back garden is some way from the back door. I’m on the look out for a ‘strimmer’, as I call them. Mine is about a century old, not cordless and you manage to get about six foot before having to manually pull the ‘line’ through again. Not the best and it’s about time I invested in a new one.

    In all honesty I was unaware that cordless ones existed. Now that I know they do, it would make more sense for me to have this type. I have long been a fan of DeWalt and again it was news to me that they made this type of equipment, always thinking they were more in the DIY bracket drills and the like. The  DeWalt DCST920P1 Brushless Trimmer looks ideal for me. Time for a visit to the local garden centre to see if they have any on display, just to get a proper feel of them. 

    • Hi Twack. Thank you for your comment. Cordless tools are improving all the time, the batteries are lasting longer and the machines are becoming more powerful. Don’t,t forget to come back here to order one if you like it. Jim 

  3. Thank you for such a well-researched article. I am currently cutting the edges of my small garden by hand with shears, which is a back-breaking and thankless task! I hadn’t realized there was a difference between brush cutters and line trimmers, nor that the latter were so lightweight and affordable. I particularly like the look of the Craftsman V60 because the weight is a particularly important factor for me. Thanks again.

    • Hi. Thank you for your comments. You will find the craftsman a good light weight trimmer. Jim

  4. I think this is a very good article comparing the different trimmers.  I do not currently own one, so when the time comes to buy, this article will be a good resource.  I am thinking of getting a cordless battery powered trimmer.  The Dewalt model that you reviewed looks pretty nice. I own a couple of other Dewalt tools so this would be a nice addition. Thanks for posting!

    • Hi Christian. I’m amazed at the amount if people choosing the DeWalt. It definitely is a good machine. All the best. Jim

  5. Dear Jim,

    This is an interesting and helpful review.

    I am just learning to garden and working on my lawn for a few hours in the evenings. I am in search of purchasing some helpful tools for our garden, and I came across your helpful review post.

    The difference between line trimmers and brush cutters are very helpful and informative. The pros and cons you shared about each trimmer are very helpful in making my purchase decision. DEWALT DCST920P1 Brushless Trimmer sounds interesting to me.

    I loved how easy the review makes it for readers and no additional research required. You left no stone up-turned in explaining how it all works. Sharing from your own experience adds more value to this post.

    Warm Regards,


  6. Firstly, thanks for sharing this information concerning best. cordless line trimmer. My hubby has expressed interest in buying one since wrle don not own any for now at all and we’ve just moved to a new apartment to which we would need to trim the grasses in line with the lawns. I will surely suggest this yo him and I know it would be of immense help while making our buying decision

  7. Hello Jim, a really  nice array of cordless lime trimmer I must confess. I have been searching for a really nice trimmer for over two months now since the last one I got spoiled. The old one was very durable and lasted for long and since its bad I hope to get one which will do better than it. I’ll get DEWALT DCST920P1 Brushless Trimmer I seem to like it more than the others. Thanks for sharing. 

  8. Oh! I found this very informative and helpful. I am tired of using the cordless blades and it is getting a little bit vague to use. Though I understand that the suggestions and opinions shared up here are a reulit of your views though, but you have done well to give some very nice suggestions of great trimmers. I like the DEWALT DCST920P1 Brushless Trimmer the most from the list and I will definitely consider getting it. Thanks

  9. Thank you for your review. This comes right in time as here in Australia we’re coming into spring, which means soon everything will start growing like crazy. 

    My husband has been wanting to get a cordless line trimmer for ages. Btw we call them whipper snipper 🙂

    Out of the 3 which one would you buy out of curiosity? 

    It would be good to have a bigger cutting guard and a decent sized battery. So I’m thinking maybe the String TrimmCRAFTSMAN V60 WEEDWACKERer & Edger (CMCST960E1) would be good?

    • Hi Petra. The  Craftsman is a great trimmer and one of my favorites. All the best . Jim

  10. Hi Jim, Thanks for this review on the Best Cordless Liner Trimmers for 2019. I like that you broke down the difference between a line trimmer and brush cutter!. I wish I cam across the article a few weeks ago, I was recently on the market for a cordless line trimmer and found myself standing in the line trimmer section with my hands on my head. Eventually I settled on the Ryobi One+ 18V 305mm Cut Cordless Line Trimmer, but I was tossing up between the Dewalt DCST920P1 Brushless Trimmer as well

    • HIi Marvin , Ryobi make some wonderful tools. As a matter of fact I think I own about seven of Ryobi’s cordless tools. Jim

  11. My search has finally ended and I am very thankful Jim. This post have given me so much relief and confidence that I these Trimmer would last longer than everyone I have got. So far I have used 4 trimmers since the start of this year and they all don’t last more than 2 months. I have a conviction that that getting one of these cordless line trimmer would be the start of good line trimmers for me. I’m pleased to he here. 

  12. Hi Jim, though I know very little about gardening and landscaping, I found your article very easy to follow and understand. The reviews of each machine is very detailed and thorough, and since it’s from a very personal perspective, it makes the reviews more believable.

    Thanks for sharing, keep up the good work!

    • Thank you Tim. I try hard to review the tools that I actually use. This isn’t always possible but when I haven’t owned the model I will find people that have. Jim

  13. I think cordless trimmers are awesome. Because you can trim freely. The cord just limits your movement and you need to pay attention to the cord and the grass that you are trimming. Now with the cordless trimmer, you can trim better and go wherever you want. Especially if you have a big backyard.

    I like the greenworks 14” because I have been using it for a while now and it is just perfect. I typically take 30 minutes to trim my backyard, so the battery life is pretty great for me. And I will advise it to anyone who wants a cordless trimmer.


    • Thank you Adyn. I appreciate your kind comments. I also prefer a cordless trimmer, Not only can they do a great job, they’re a heck of a lot lighter then a fuel one. Jim

  14. Hey Jim,

    thanks for the comprehensive review of these line trimmers, have been looking for a good cordless one to replace my small corded one.  Have just moved house and the garden is a lot larger than my previous one, and have been looking into the alternatives as I don’t really want a petrol one.  The DeWalt one looks good, I have never had any issues with my DeWalt Drill so know the brand can be trusted.

    thanks again, will be looking at getting that one i think.


  15. thank you for a great review of these products. I like the Dewalt. We had a dewalt before and it’s super lightweight. I have to look into this new dewalt you are recommending. I will definitely bookmark your page and when i’m ready to buy I will buy it thru your link. Thank you and all the best!

  16. After years of using only weed eaters that have cords, I’ve decided that it is time to get a cordless version.    With small, residential yards, having a cord didn’t bother me to much.  Yet, now that I have a ranch, I want to be able to take a weed eater or a trimmer to knock the weeds down by the front gate.    

    I sincerely appreciate your review and buying guide.   Since I will be dealing with taller, grasses and weeds, I was wanting to make sure that I selected a trimmer that would be strong enough for the job.   

    • Thank you for reading my review Sonya. Yes, purchasing a trimmer that can handle even the tough jobs is essential, all the best. Jim

  17. I prefer Dewalt to Craftsman due to durability but I am concerned about weight as Dewalt equipment tends to be heavier than some of its competition. Regardless they are built to last for years and the added price is a great investment in quality. I remember for years using Black and Decker equipment to trim brush in the yard, clear around trees and stumps, and edge the perfect lawn. These machines really do a hefty amount of work. Great job with a totally awesome review.

  18. Hi, Jim. 

    Weed eaters and trimmers have come a long way from the early days.  The brand name was “Weed Eater” as I recall ane that’s all hey did: trim your grass.  Nowadays they can do so much more.  The technology has improved as well.  I was surprised to see that the battery capacity was 40 volts and as much as 60? on some of the machines.

    Sadly, my grass cutting and weed whacking days are past, (actually, I’m not sad at all), but if I had to choose something I would go with the brushless and really, any one of these would have been satisfactory for the yard work I had to do in my previous house. 

    I also like that they provide a greener alternative to gas.  They seem to be just as powerful, so why not convert?


    • Thanks Wayne. Yes, it is amazing how powerful some of these trimmers have become. You can actually get 80V ones now. All the best. Jim

  19. I really enjoyed reading your post.  I myself have a cordless trimmer for my own backyard and I think the ones in your post are so much better.  I will be checking out your suggestions and maybe its time I bought a new one. 

    My job is maintaining buildings and grounds, so I do alot of whipping and mowing.  I am always on the look out for the best options out there.

    Thank you for your great post. 

    • Hi Coralie. Thank you for reading my blog. Hopefully you will find the trimmer you want in the list I provided. Thanks Jim

  20. This post is very good, helpful and informative. Having a trimmer that allows you do more cutting with a really light weight is nice. It is easy to operate, easy to assemble unlike other trimmers that require lots of expertise before it can be put yo work. It can cut down long grass easily and the battery is worker, it can take you as long ad the time to do an average lawn. Gardening is now fun with cordless line trimmer unlike the gas version that requires a lot of money for maintenance. 

    • Hi.That’s so very true. Maintenance on the gas ones used to drive me crazy, and the new battery trimmers are so easy to use and so light.Thank you for your comment. Jim

  21. I like the gas powered line trimmers better. I found them to have more power and for the motors to last longer. However, I thing the battery trimmers are fine for getting around a standard size section. But because the area needing trimming around me is quite a bit larger (around an acre) I find the gas trimmers can last the distance.

    • Hi. I have used the gas powered trimmers for many years, and yes,they are usually stronger. But for the average yard you can’t go past the battery trimmers, they’re improving them all the time. There’s less problems associated with loud noise that damages eardrums, no fuel to have to mix and purchase, and they’re considerably lighter. As a person that has many years experience using both. I much prefer to use the battery ones. Thanks Jim

  22.  I simply must get one of these cordless trimmers because not only do I have to trim my own garden but i also help an elderly neighbour of mine by keeping his garden tidy for him, the length of wire on the trimmer I have at the moment just about reaches to the bottom of my garden though it is a struggle, however, my elderly neighbours garden is longer than my own garden so my trimmer doesn’t reach right down to the bottom of his garden, a cordless trimmer would be perfect, I’m not sure which one to buy but I think the Dewalt may be my best bet, thank you for sharing.  

    • Hi Russ. I’m glad I could help. Yes, the Dewalt is a fantastic machine. All the best. Jim

  23. Hi Jim, I must say that this exactly what I was looking for. Cordless trimmers are definitely the best machines for mowing the grass. I changed so many of them just because of the motor which cannot “live” for more than 8-12 months. I buy this thing every year but don’t regret it. I will definitely take a closer look at DEWALT as it looks very powerful.

  24. Hi, great information on these products but I wanted to know if the battery operated trimmers are as powerful as the petrol ones? I’m after a new one and I am undecided on which one to get.                                                                                                                                                                                      I have always used a corded one in the past but having recently moved, my garden is now three times the size so I thought a cordless trimmer would be perfect.                                                                                                                                          Also, I always thought the petrol trimmers would last longer than the re-chargeable batteries you get with these cordless machines. 

    Any extra advice would be much appreciated!

    Thanks,                                                                                                                                                                                  Tony

    • Hi Tony. I have used both the cordless and gas varieties in my business. For the average sized garden I would suggest that the cordless types can complete the job efficiently. Jim

  25. Excellent selection of line trimmers, thank you!  I have to admit, I’m leaning towards the Greenworks one just because of the charging capability!  LOL!  My major consideration was the weight as I wanted it to be lightweight, but all three seem fine in that area.  My lawn is very postcard-sized, so I don’t need a lot of power or long battery life, so the weight was my major concern.  Thanks again!

    • Hi Selenity. The greenworks would be fine for a small lawn. It’s not to heavy and easy to use. Jim

  26. Hi Jim,

    I really enjoyed reading your article about cordless line trimmers. I have a large garden and currently use a petrol powered trimmer. I would like to switch to battery power, mainly for environmental reasons, but I’m worried they won’t be powerful enough. I’m not too bothered about run time as I need a rest after a few minutes anyway (arthritis in my fingers). Are any of the trimmers you recommend any where near as powerful as petrol and if so which one? Thanks in advance, Andrew

    • Hi Andrew. Any one if the trimmers I reviewed would be powerful enough to trim the he average garden. For heavier work I would be looking at a brush cutter. All the new cordless tools are fantastic. I rarely use anything petrol driven in my business today. Jim

  27. Hey Jim,

    I love the website I have come to an age in my life that I never thought I would get too. I love gardening mainly growing my own veg. So I think your website is brilliant I have all the information I need in one spot. I’ll be following you and your website with a close eye. 



  28. Considering the way the market is flooded with inferior products that can even last for days talkless of performing it’s duty, it’ll be very hard to get a good quality of machines. Thanks for sharing this article, it’ll make it a guide to the right path. This cordless trimmers are nice, they make it easy for people to trim and work on their lawns  with ease and convenience. My favorite is the String TrimmCRAFTSMAN V60. It’s nice reading through.

  29. After reading and reviewing your website it seems you have a good level of understanding and experience about gardening and different set of grass cutting that you can use. Personally I do not have a garden from your experience I can tell you know your job- If someone asked me about these types of Trimming I shall recommend your review.

    All the best

  30. Awesome list you’ve got here. I purchased DEWALT DCST920P1 Brushless Trimmer based on hating having to fix the gas powered trimmers everytime, I had to use it. It was infuriating! Also, I have a friend who is a carpenter and his tool box is full of Dewalt so I thought it must be a durable brand and that I could always borrow his batteries if need be. I must confess this has been the single most awesome yard tool that I had ever purchased. I have had it for about 7 months, using roughly two to four times a months. DEWALT DCST920P1 Brushless Trimmer is really cool and worth the money.


  31. Presently, I’m not staying in a place that needs to trimmed or that have grasses to be cut, well the trimmers can come handy in the garden. My dad does this very well and even when the machines are not yet upgraded to this level, he trims every now and then because he loves to keep his garden clean and set. I guess he got tired of the old oil machine due to his age, I’ll share this to him maybe he’ll get one of those.

    • Thank you for commenting. Your father will definitely find any of these trimmers easy to to use. Jim

  32. My husband is a real busy man and he hardly get the time to clear the garden so we always employ someone to do the trimmings for us. Now I can see that these cordless line trimmers are of light weight and they are very easy to use and to operate, I can get one and do the trimming myself, this will save us some cash and I’ll also have a more diversified knowledge of something else. It’s very thoughtful of you to share.

    • Thank you for reading my review. I hope you find the line trimmer that suits you. Jim 

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