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Welcome to my gardening site.

Some insights

I have been a passionate gardener since I was a very small boy. My father was a landscape gardener and he introduced me at a very early age to the wonderful world of plants. I have a picture of myself holding on to a massive hoe, which I was using to remove weeds from a small vegetable plot my father had helped me set up. I believe I was about 5 years old at the time.

That interest in plants and gardening grew as I grew and eventually I married a wonderful person that also had an incredible knowledge of gardening. Together we ran a wholesale nursery, specializing in mail order plants. We also created the most beautiful one and a half acre display garden where people could come and visually check out the plants we had for sale.

My love of gardening has never diminished and about ten years ago we decided we needed a new challenge and we purchased a one acre property with a big old house that needed renovating. The gardens were almost none existent and the soils were extremely poor. Gradually we have improved the soils and constructed a wonderful, peaceful garden. We have had to bring in many trailer loads of manure , compost and garden soil. There’s a long way to go yet, but what’s life worth if you don’t have challenges?


Why Struggle

Recently I tried to find an online site that not only specialized  in gardening, but also discussed what types of tools and equipment you would need to maintain and build a garden. I struggled to locate exactly what I required. At this point I decided that, for the benefit of other gardeners, I needed to construct a web page where people could easily find out about  good quality gardening tools and equipment. A site that, not only discussed garden tools and there uses, but showed you, and in particular the beginner gardener, which ones would be best for you.

So I decided to use my many years of knowledge and practice in the gardening industry and construct this web page in an effort to help others. In particular the beginner gardener. I try to cover as many garden related topics as I possibly can. From garden tool requirements, designing gardens, building lawns to making compost.

If my many years of gardening have taught me anything, it’s that people need great gardening tools to do a great job. It also helps if they’re provided with the basic skills to build there own garden.

Finding the right Tool

I constructed this gardening  site so that you, the gardener, could easily learn about all the various garden tools and equipment you will need to have available, to build yourself an incredible garden.

I wanted it to be easily accessible and easy to navigate so that you would enjoy not only the experience of Tools in the potting shedbuilding your own magnificant garden, but also the joy of understanding more just which of those wonderful gardening tools you will require to make the job easy.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below in the comments box and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



Jim Kulk


  1. Hi Jim

    What an easy to navigate and also useful site. A great joy.
    With climate change all over the planet, I am wondering if a lawn is still a good option for the environment? LatelyIi replaced grass with ground covering plants. You would be amazed how many barizties there are. And the great thing is that bees and butterflies like dwelling in it. And above all, no need to mow…

    • Hi Fleeky. There is much debate about lawns and there impact on the environment, are they harmful or good for the environment. Basically they help to cool down given areas and supply some oxygen. They look good and are a great deal better then concrete or pavers. I agree that covering an area with plants or natural grasses could be beneficial, however they can become a nightmare to look after, harbor pests and create a weed issue. Personally I believe there’s room for both. The butterfly’s and bees, along with lizards and other small animals love my garden and the family have somewhere to enjoy, play and have picnics. All the best Jim

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