3 Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers Review for 2019

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This would have to be one of my favorite reviews to undertake. I absolutely love trimming hedges. I have been in the gardening business for many year now and have obtained a reputation locally for being a Hedging Nazi. I like my hedges to be perfect.

To be able to keep a hedge in top condition I obviously have to possess the best tools, and hedgers are just part of the arsenal I utilize.

However, this review is only about hedger’s, so I’ll stick to talking about them.

I have owned all sorts of hedges in my lifetime, including gas, electric and now cordless, and for me cordless are by far the best.


Well, for one thing they are nowhere near as heavy as the gas types. As I grew older I started to realize that my favorite job was getting harder and harder to complete. My shoulders were giving me trouble and I had developed osteoarthritis.

I made the decision to change to the electric hedgers, which were a lot lighter. Unfortunately though I cut through the cords to these machines three times, and was very fortunate to not end up in hospital.

A few more years went by and different firms started to perfect the cordless varieties. These were great for every bit of about five minutes, and then the battery would go flat. I made the decision then to return to using the gas model.

But the work became impossible for me to do and just when I thought I’d have to give up doing what I loved the Li ion Battery was invented.

I now have several brands that I use on the hedges I look after. One is a ryobi and the other is a DeWalt Model. You will find reviews on both below.

Thanks to these great machines I am still able to shape hedges into masterpieces.

This leads me to my article on the 3 Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers review for 2019.

1). DeWalt DCHT82019

   ==>Would you like to know more about this image? click here, or on the picture.<==would you like to know more about this image? Click Here or on the picture

What A fantastic Machine this is. Personally I can’t fault it at all. The machine just seems to never stop working. The 5Ah battery that I bought with it managed to keep going for over an hour. Okay, so that’s not for ever, but it’s certainly long enough for the jobs that I do.

I now own three of these batteries, and I constantly keep them charged so that I have no trouble finishing any hedging job.

Just the fact that it’s cordless is fantastic, no more worries about being zapped, and the very sharp blades make easy work of any hedge. Although I wouldn’t recommend that you do this, I have cut through soft wood branches up to three quarters of an inch thick.

So What Do I think of this Unit? As if you didn’t already know!!


1). Not to Heavy.

2). Sharp Blades.

3). Long Battery Life.

4). Cuts through most hedges with a breeze.

5). This cordless hedger is so typically DeWalt…Well built and stylish.


1). Some people believe this tool is a bit on the heavy side.

There’s really nothing else bad I can say about this hedger. I have been using hedgers for some 50 odd year now, and this is the best one I have owned. It’s reliable and a real work horse. I do a lot of hedging for other people and this is the main tool I use. It just keeps on giving.

Here are some manufacturers details on this unit.

  • Powerful 20V Lithium Ion rechargeable battery delivers power and run-time for most trimming jobs
  • This product is Manufactured in China
  • This product meets customer Requirement

For a cordless hedger of its quality, I don’t understand why DeWalt aren’t shouting the benefits from the roof top.


I simply had to give this Tool a 10 out of 10.

Rating any tool this high is very unusual for me, and I know that some people might have had some issues with it. But in this case I have based my review totally on my own experience with the product.

2). BLACK+DECKER 60V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer, 24-Inch (LHT360CFF)

==>Would you like to know more about this hedger? Click here or on the image<==
I don’t know a lot about this particular hedger, but I was told by a friend to add it. He stated he worked all day with it without the battery going flat.

For this particular model I have based my review on what my friend and others have stated about the tool.


1). Lots of Power. Battery lasts a very long time. Some people report several hours of use.

2). Cuts through thick branches easily.

3). Light and well-balanced.

4). Strongly Built.

5). Comes with a branch saw feature.


1). Some people hated the saw at the end of the blades and

thought was as more of a hindrance then an asset.

2). Others found the description that stated it would cut through 1.5 inch branches misleading. 3). The battery can have issues after one year.

Overall it sounds like a pretty good unit, that is light and easy to use, with a long-lasting battery. However, because some people have had issues with it I have had to keep my rating down.


I have decided to give this hedger a 7 out of 10.

3).Ryobi 22 in. 18-Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer

==>If you want to know more about this hedger ,click here or on the picture.<==If you would like to see more about this hedger, click here.
I have included this smaller, lightweight unit for a good reason. This is the second model I use with my gardening business. I absolutely love it. It’s not an extremely powerful machine, but I was aware of that when I purchased it.

My tool is primarily used for topiary and fine hedge cutting. You wouldn’t want to cut any thick branches with this as it will jam. I purchased it because it’s so easy to use and it just keeps giving.

The hedger I own has been doing light work for me for over a year now, it’s still sharp and still goes well.

So here is my personal verdict on this cordless hedger.


1). Light weight.

2). Battery lasts for roughly an hour of solid work.

3). Easy to use and sure beats dealing with those electric cords.

4). Great for cutting Topiary style hedging as it’s easy to maneuver .

5). Strong machine and the blades remain sharp.


1). Some people were disappointed that the battery and charger weren’t included. Always read any attached advertising.

carefully. Always make sure that you understand what comes with the product.

2). The battery doesn’t last as long as with larger hedgers.

As I have stated, I love my unit and it has performed admirably for me. I couldn’t have asked more from a lightweight tool such as this, but it wasn’t designed to cut down trees.


I have rated this hedger at 8 out of 10. Only because of the opinions of some others.

That’s it for this Review:

I hope you enjoyed my hedger review. If you have any comments you would like to add on any of the models that I have mentioned, or you might like me to review another brand for you, please leave a message below.

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Here are some more Hedgers for you to look at. These haven’t been reviewed, but a worth are look.


Jim Kulk


  1. This Ryobi is a very good one, I think it’s a necessary evil for anyone who owns a garden to get a good hedge trimmer. You have brought together some of the best trimmers and I am grateful for that. We own a garden but my dad doesn’t use a trimmer. This will be a good adding to the mower I was thinking of buying for him. Thank you for the good review. I’ll hope my charger comes with the machine too. Cheers!

    • Hui Henderson. The cordless hedge trimmers have come a long way over the years. I would carefully check the hedger you are looking at to make sure it comes with a battery and charger, Some do and with others you will need to add this to the order. Thanks Jim

  2. Just like you, I found delight in trimming my flowers and plants to form carious shapes and to create beauty beyond what anyone would not like. So, I take my time a lot in trimming them. Though I grew up making use of the gas machines but they are really out of vogue now and there is urgent need for me to try my best to raise enough capital to get one of these cordless trimmers. I like all the three suggestions and I would go for anyone I can see around.

    • Hi Ro. I have been using the cordless varieties for some time now. The modern ones are efficient, light and long wearing. They are certainly much easier to use then the Gas ones. All the best. Jim

  3. I totally agree with the rating you gave in this post, DeWalt is a familiar brand name, and the company has a long history of producing some of the best power tools on the market, DeWalt’s cordless hedger lives up to this reputation., which allows it to pack quite the punch. this is one of the best cordless power hedgers reviewed. Thanks for sharing. 

  4. Gardening have been on of the things I do for fun since I was a girl. I just enjoy trimming those flowers to whatever shape I want. But recently i have been stumbling upon some really bad hedge trimmers for some time now, and for the past 7months i have bought two trimmers. I’ll love to get the DeWalt DCHT82019 and try it out with high hopes it will last longer. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Chloe. You will be making a very wise decision. Unfortunately some of the cheaper brands can cause cutting issues, often the blades don’t stay sharp for long. Jim

  5. Thank you so much for this, I think this is really nice and cool I mean I kind of like your blog, I like the image up trying showing a well trimmed garden. I know little about hedgers but in my own opinion cordless is by far the best it is an upgrade above other types, it doesn’t make that awkward noise.

  6. Whether it’s manufactured in China or not, I think DeWalt DCHT82019 is super sleek! I’m using those long manual shears to trim but I think it’s time I get myself an automatic trimmer, I could imagine myself with it already! I was wondering, does it come with a sheath to cover the blades once we finish using it? Wouldn’t want children to go touch it when I’m not using it.

  7. Hi Jim,

    I feel sorry for your shoulder since trimming is a very tiring job for me since I am not a very good green thumb, and I think this job is quite dangerous and definitely need a professional for it. I used to help my uncle to make myself allowance in summer vacation, and my job was simply lifting a small machine to blow all the leaves from someone’s yard to make it look nice and neat. After a couple of days, I felt my shoulder and arms were very sour, so your 50-year hardworking as a gardener is so determined. Considering the heavyweight of the hedgers, I personally think the best for me should be the one with the lightest model. Thanks for this great article!

    • Thank you Matt. The older gas ones used to hurt my shoulders ,but the lighter cordless are definitely easier to use and don’t hurt the body as well. Jim

  8. The Ryobi sound perfect for my father. He is getting older and has a bad back and an old injury in his right arm but he insists on tending to his own garden. He needs something a little light so it’s easier to handle. There aren’t that many hedges so I think it will work out well for him. I’ll take note that we have to buy the charger and battery separately.

  9. Hi Jim,

    Thank you for writing such a good review of cordless hedgers,  your article caught my attention from the beginning because you gave a good description of your experiences cutting hedges over the years, straightaway  I had respect for your writing because of what you know.  I don’t know a lot myself about hedgers so if I were looking to buy  one I would be guided by your sound advice and go for your recommendation the DeWalt DCHT82019 in fairness you have used it yourself you have soate batteries and it seems to do the job very well.



    • Hi Fintan. The DeWalt seems to be a favourite with most people and is definitely a fantastic Hedger. Jim


  10. I am imagining how it would be like to trim hedges using a gasoline-powered trimmer. Maybe it’s a little heavier as the weight of the gasoline adds up to the weight of the equipment. You won’t last long carrying such heavyweight equipment trimming hedges especially in an area that’s so wide. The Lithium-Ion battery-powered one is really the ideal equipment to use.

    For the brand of cordless hedge trimmer, I’d go for Black & Decker. It’s a known brand name and you’re better off with a known brand than try another one that’s only second in quality to Black & Decker.

    Here in the Philippines, people are slow to adapt, as they still use hand tools cutters to trim hedges. Others, they use an even older tool used for pruning shrubs. I will share the idea to them and I hope they will listen and try one of these trimmers listed on Amazon.

    • Hi Gomer. i still use the hand cutters as well as my cordless trimmers they are great for areas where you are looking for perfection. Jim

  11. All the features of these trimmers are amazingly great. Sometimes, I love trimming on my own with hiring people. However, I love the light weight trimmer for my easy operation. That is why I prefer going for an option like ‘Ryobi 22 in. 18-Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer’. Another one I love is the number one option. It will make the work very fast because of its battery and the blade.

  12. Hey mate, I’ve got the DeWalt DCHT82019 and it’s hands down the best cordless hedge trimmer I’ve ever used. And I can attest that it never stops working as I use mine a couple times a month and it’s lasted 5 years so far. I have no doubts I’ll get even more years out of it, that’s how well built this thing is. Thanks for this review, I’ll be back for more of your reviews.

    • Thank you Brandon. It’s great to hear positive comments from someone who actually owns a DeWalt cordless hedge trimmer. Jim

  13. Thanks Jim, this is helpful. We’re about to build a house and one of the things we’re thinking about is landscaping. And at some point, we do need to get some tools so this helps. I actually thought Ryobi could be our go to for tools. But since you can’t really fault it, will definitely consider the DeWalt hedge trimmer.

    • Thank you Rachel. I have both in my tool collection. One is for lighter work and the other for the heavy stuff. Thank you for commenting on my article. Jim

  14. Though I’m not a professional gardener and I don’t trim for a living but I trim my own garden by myself and I really enjoy using the Cordless because its light weighted and its very easy to use. DeWalt DCHT82019 is my favorite because of its qualities, the battery durability, light weight and all. This will really help me trim hedges more easily and conveniently. I’ll share this article to some other people and I’m sure they’ll love it. I’ll get one DeWalt DCHT82019 for myself as Soon as possible. Thanks.

    • Thank you Jones. Yes, the DeWalt is definitely VA great hedge trimmer. Thank you for commenting. Jim

  15. Yes we all love to do amazon shopping and we also look out for reviews for our interested products.

    But what’s noticeable  in your website and reviews is you have not only showcased the products and its features but also related articles about hedges, Perennial plants and their diseases. This makes us feel we got our one stop solution for our hedges, will continue to comeback to you for more info, however could you mention the pricing and rating in your article itself will save us time in checking out the same in Amazon. 


    • Thank you Paritosh. I don’t mention the price because it could change at any time. The product may go on special or it may go up in price. You will get the latest prices when you click on the link. Thank you for reading my article. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Jim

  16. By passing on this cordless hedge trimmers review to my Grandma she must be absolutely happy and appreciated!  I personally like this DeWalt Model.C,but when I realized some people believed that it is a bit heavy I paused for a moment and went through for other ones.With knowing that your valuable experience in gardening and using best products and tools, it seems that this Ryobi 22 Cordless Hedge Trimmer would be great choice for my Grandma.Like you stated,it is easy to use and it’s appropriate for light trimming.So I may go for it asp.

    Thank you so much for your honest review.

    • Thank Shirian. The Ryobi hedge trimmer would  be a great choice for your grandmother. All the best. jim

  17. I love puttering around the back yard, and like you, hedges are a passion when it comes to making things look neat and orderly in the yard. Also, like you, I have noticed that as I have gotten older, the gas-operated trimmers have caused me to get pains in my shoulders and back when I use them for long periods of time.

    This is why I am so interested in reading this review, as it is time to go with the lighter cordless hedge trimmers that are out there. It is also time to retire that old, loud, and heavy trimmer I have been using for years! I will recycle it to some younger person that can handle the bulk and weight it comes with.

    Of the 3 best cordless trimmers you have highlighted, the first (the DeWalt DCHT82019) is the one I will go with. It looks light, and the power that you get means perhaps an extra battery for me, but boy, it sure looks good! Your rating also gives me confidence (as you use it yourself and are an old hand at this hedge trimming business like I am). Thanks for your review!

    • Thank you Dave. Those cordless hedgers certainly have made a big difference to my body. I have far less aches and pains nowadays. You can’t go wrong with the DeWalt model, it definitely is the best. Jim

  18. Thank you so much for this highly informative article, Jim! I just recently invested in a new cordless DeWalt hedge trimmer, and it is absolutely fantastic! It has power, finesse, shapes my hedges perfectly, and isn’t hard on my arms or shoulders (I’m a 28 year old woman, but I love doing yard work-mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, edging up my property, killing weeds, etc. Haha). I also give it a 10/10, and i will continue to use it until I either don’t have hedges or DeWalt outdoes itself. Haha God bless you!

    • Thank you for commenting on my review. Yes, that DeWalt Hedger is an incredible tool . It seems to go on forever , so you may need to run out if hedges first. All the best. Jim

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